3D Ocean Beaches Screensaver

3D Ocean Beaches Screensaver 4.0

3D Ocean Screensaver includes three animated images of beautiful beaches
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3D Ocean Screensaver is a simple screensaver that includes three animated images of beautiful beaches. The three images provide a very relaxing landscape, with turquoise tranquil waters, birds flying, plenty of vegetation, and boats floating. It has no music, but the birds emit a pleasant sound from time to time. It also includes a clock that is displayed in one of the corners, but you cannot select its position.
The screensaver allows you to select the screen resolution and color depth to adjust it to your computer resources. In my case, I tried with the three resolutions and it displayed a few white parts in the image, but maybe my computer resources are not enough to display it properly. From the setting menu, you can also select the scene that you like the most or you can choose to rotate them. Unfortunately, you won't be able to select the transition time between the images and it takes a long time to go from one image to the other. The birds that appear in all scenes are parrots and gulls, and you can even select the amount of them you wish to see.
In short, 3d Ocean Screensaver is a beautiful and relaxing screensaver that definitely deserves a try.

Silvana Mansilla
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  • Beautiful landscapes
  • Pretty customizable
  • Free
  • Includes a clock


  • You cannot select transition time between the images nor effects
  • Needs lots of resources to function properly
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